Ready to create art at home with confidence with your kids?

Doesn't it seem like there are so many things to consider when finding art projects to do at home? From what art materials to buy to where to start with drawing and painting we have you covered. Here is a sneak peak of what is included in the membership....

  • Weekly Art Classes Over Zoom

    When art programs came to a stand still during the pandemic, we started teaching art over zoom. We were so surprised at how kids loved learning over zoom. Parents like that all their kids can create together and they don't have to drive them to different programs. In this membership kids will create together over zoom every Monday at 4pm pst. They will gain self esteem as they practice art skills and share their creations.

  • Online Classroom Full of Art Videos

    No more looking for ideas on Pinterest. It is so easy to simply print off the art sheet or tracer from the online classroom, put on the art video and let your kids create. Each month will be dedicated to a theme of lessons that kids can dive into and express their creativity with. This will include PDFs, easy step by step instructions, pre-recorded art videos and more inside of an easy to use online classroom.

  • Art Prizes, Challenges and More!

    Keeping kids inspired and motivated isn't always easy. Each month, there will be art challenges you can do as a family to keep creating and have fun together. Art prizes and spotlighting kids each month will build their self esteem with creating.

One price for a whole family

2 months free for annual plans!

Plus amazing bonuses!

  • Access to all the Art Packs!

    There are over 40+ art videos and creative printables waiting inside the online classroom! Themes include Ocean Art, Around the world art, Space Art, Seasonal Art, and so much more!

  • Art Materials Guide

    This guide will give you valuable information about what materials to buy that are budget friendly to have success with creating art at home.

  • Get Outside and Get Creative Guide

    Creating doesn't have to happen at a table with paper. It can happen outside as well! This guide is filled with ways to get outside and create with your family. You will learn to make an inukshuk out of stones, create a mandala in the sand, bubble painting, chalk art and so much more!


  • Where can I find the art lessons?

    An online classroom has been set up that is easy to access and all the art lessons will be in there each month.

  • What ages is this art membership for?

    It is suggested that kids are ages 6 and older, but younger children can benefit from the art club as long as they have parent support.

  • What art materials are required?

    A full list of art materials that are required will be inside of the membership classroom. Most of the art lessons will be using materials that are easy to use at home such as water colour paints, oil pastels, and markers. You will be encouraged to use the materials you have in the house.

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    Yes you can cancel anytime before your next payment.


  • Wendy Meades


    Wendy Meades

    I live in Vancouver Canada and I have been an artist for over 20 years. I have had the honour of running successful art classes for kids out of my art studio as well as in classrooms around Canada. I believe in encouraging creativity in children and I love to create art lessons that increase their confidence and their self-esteem. I am also an occupational therapist and I love adapting art projects for all levels and using fine motor skill tricks to facilitate art. I am so excited to create with you and your family!

This is what families are saying about art club...

by Megan

Thank you Wendy

by Megan

Thank you Wendy. You don't know how much your class had meant to my family this year. My kids just love your art projects, but most importantly they love how you make them feel. Happy, confident, connected and creative. They love that you encourage their creativity. I can see how much it means to them when you appreciate and applaud their ideas. Thank you so much.

Keira wants to be an art teacher!


Keira is soooo excited...she says she is going to be an art teacher "well I already know how to paint a bear and a whale"

We Love Art Club!


My kids and I can't wait for your art class every single week. Everything is laid out so easily with your emails, so I know what supplies to set up, and they're so proud of their creations that they've posted them all over their bedroom walls! I love having the extra time to get dinner ready, so it's a win-win for everyone. Your projects are creative, different, fun, so even after months, the kids never get bored. Thank you so much, Wendy!

Diverse Art Projects


Diverse art projects, step by step instructions, lots of encouragement and a fun learning environment that builds a strong sense of community. My kids have gained so much confidence and many new skills through involvement in this great art club.
Laura (age 8)

Wendy helps you learn the steps

Laura (age 8)

Even if you worry that you aren't good at art, it is still lots of fun. Wendy helps you learn the steps.
Colin age 11

A great way to learn

Colin age 11

A great way to learn how to do art and meet new friends.