Explore the beautiful colours and textures of African Art!

  • Rainbow Animals

    Learn to draw African animals with simple shapes. Paint your animals with a rainbow of colours and learn colour mixing with watercolours.

  • Serengeti Sunset

    Art teacher Emily Gould leads us through a gorgeous lesson to create a sunset in the Serengeti with animal silhouettes.

  • Textiles

    Learn about Kente textiles from Ghana and learn to do stamping to create and weaving to create beautiful designs.

  • Maasi Village

    Learn to draw a Maasi village scene and learn how to shade objects and people.


  • Wendy Meades


    Wendy Meades

    I live in Vancouver Canada and I have been an artist for over 20 years. I have had the honour of running successful art classes for kids out of my art studio as well as in classrooms around Canada. I believe in encouraging creativity in children and I love to create art lessons that increase their confidence and their self-esteem. I am also an occupational therapist and I love adapting art projects for all levels and using fine motor skill tricks to facilitate art. I am so excited to create with you and your family!
  • Emily  Gould

    Art Teacher

    Emily Gould

    Emily has been teaching art for over 17 years for all ages k-12 in schools in DC/Maryland.  Her passion is to encourage growth and creativity, fueled by love and inspiration.  She is a fabulous artist and fun art teacher full of unique, creative ideas.  You can find her at www.arttime.com and on instagram @sierramadres.