Explore Australia and New Zealand Art

  • Koala

    Learn to paint a sweet koala with tempera paint. Learn to use brush strokes and colour mixing to create a lush green background. Learn how to mix different greys for shading.

  • Kangaroo Aboriginal Art

    Learn to draw a kangaroo and paint in an Australian Aboriginal style using dots. Learn about different symbols and add them to a paper boomerang.

  • Dragon Lizard Model Magic Eyes

    Learn to create and layer with model magic to create unique 3D dragon lizard eyes. Art lesson by art teacher Emily Gould!

  • Koru Art

    Learn about New Zealand artist Raewyn Harris to create a Koru painting with watercolour paints and oil pastels. Also learn about the Māori culture and the importance of the fern.


  • Wendy Meades


    Wendy Meades

    I live in Vancouver Canada and I have been an artist for over 20 years. I have had the honour of running successful art classes for kids out of my art studio as well as in classrooms around Canada. I believe in encouraging creativity in children and I love to create art lessons that increase their confidence and their self-esteem. I am also an occupational therapist and I love adapting art projects for all levels and using fine motor skill tricks to facilitate art. I am so excited to create with you and your family!